Manika Nagare

境界線/The Boundaries

  • Wearable Painting

Mixed media
Installation View at ART ZONE, Kyoto, Japan

Fabrics as canvases of painting, fabrics as wearables in people’s daily life.
Those are same kind of fabrics, but those meanings and roles are totally different.
How the wearable artwork or the unwearable fashion are there? Where are the boundaries between fine arts and fashions?

To consider and embody this issue, I made collaboration works with 6 artists from The Art Fiend Foundation which is artists cooperative based on Lower East Side, NY. I make following three works with each artist.

A: Painting (Stretched Canvas)
B: Installation (Unstretched Painting)
C: Fashion Work (Wearable)

I ask each artist to make foundations of these A, B and C works with their artistic and fresh creativities. Then I paint on these, and as a result, A becomes a consistent painting, C materializes a wearable artwork which The Art Fiend Foundation has been proposing. Therefore, which does B become an installation as art work or a unwearable fashion work? By creation and idea from each artist who has been considering about artworks and fashions, and by chemistries between each

Wearable Art Work/ Unwearable fashionは存在するのか。 そして美術とファッションの境界はどこにあるのか。

この疑問を体現すべく、NY Lower East Sideのショップを拠点にファッションを中心に多岐に渡り活動するクリエイティブ軍団Art Fiend Foundationのデザイナー6名と、コラボレーション作品“The Boundaries“を制作した。
A: Painting (Stretched Canvas)
B: Installation (Unstretched Painting)
C: Fashion Work (Wearable)

各デザイナーには個々の感性で上記3点を絵画の支持体となりうる前提で制作してもらう。その上に流麻二果が描く。描く行為により、Aは堅実な絵画作品となり、CはThe Art Fiend Foundationが提唱し続けているWearable Art Workを実現する。では、Bは美術としてのInstallationか、あるいはUnwearable Fashionか。ArtとFashionについて考察を重ねてきている各デザイナーの見解や創造により、そして流麻二果との化学反応により、このコラボレーション作品はArtとFashionの境目、Boundariesについての提言を行う。

・Leif Ritchey:「Leif & Tooya」
・Leila Hekmat:「Sparrow」
・Valentine Leung:「Valentine」
・Libby Mcinnis
・Johanna Hofring