Manika Nagare

可視線/Visible Edge

  • Series

Over the course of my repeated trips to Tohoku since last year, the sights that I couldn’t tear my eyes
away from were those filled with the beauty of the natural environment – these gorgeous landscapes
whose beauty impressed with their sheer strength and intensity.
The things that gave that natural environment meaning and significance, however, suddenly changed
as a result of a certain incident. Now, a creeping, invisible sense of dread haunts us constantly.
Although my previous works always tended to reflect my own personal interest in human beings, I have
also started to trace the breath and pulse of the landscape that unfolds before my eyes. These works
depict the lines that live in nature – both the ones that we can perceive with our eyes, and those that are
invisible to us. All I can do is to keep my eyes diligently trained on them, confront them, and continue
*Nagare has conducted various workshops mostly in Miyagi Prefecture through the “Artist for a Day”
(Momentary Artist) program that she initiated herself, and installed some 49 of her own artworks in the
Urabandai Kougen Hotel in Fukushima Prefecture.

しさだった。 どこまでも強く美しい風景。 だが、その自然の意味するものはある時を境に変わって
しまった。 常につきまとう、目に見えない不安。 これまで絶えなく人間への興味を描いてきた私
が、目の前にひろがる景色の息づきをなぞり始めた。 自然に生する線を描き始めた。 目に見える線
も、見えていない線も。 私はひたすらに見つめ続け、描くしかないのである。 私はひたすらに対峙