Manika Nagare

古沢敏子「K子の食卓」/Keiko’s Supper by Furusawa Toshiko

古沢敏子 [大正元年(1912) – 平成17年(2005)]



Furusawa Toshiko (1912-2005)
Wife of Furusawa Iwami. Her family remained unaware that she was painting, and this work is one of several that were discovered after she passed away, at the demolition of her husband’s studio. The work has a mysterious charm as there are signs of Surrealist influence, yet none of the sensual elements characteristic of the movement, and capture a sliver of daily life as well as a warm gaze that watches over her daughter Keiko. 


Oil on canvas
Itabashi Art Museum Collection 


Photo by Manika Nagare