Manika Nagare

藤川栄子「黄色い裸婦」/Nude Woman in Yellow by Fujikawa Eiko

藤川栄子 [明治33年(1900年) – 昭和58年(1983)]






 ※藤川栄子回顧展カタログ 1985年 編集発行:香川県文化会館  p.85


Eiko Fujikawa (1900-1983)

From Kagawa, maiden name Eiko Tsuboi. 

Learned to paint from her partner Yūzō Fujikawa and his friend Sōtarō Yasui. She was first selected for the Nika Association exhibition in 1927, and she was the first woman to win a special commendation in 1936. She established the Women Artists Association with 11 other female artists in 1946, and strove to support female artists beyond faction differences.

“Nude Woman” is a painting that examines the female nude not sensuously but as a study of form. I empathize with this gaze.

She wrote the following in an essay titled “Beauty of the nude”:

“A while ago people were suspicious of my interest and desire to draw women as a woman myself, saying that ‘you are strange, it is unfathomable that you are fascinated by women’s nudes.” Apparently only men had the right to be drawn to the beauty of women’s naked bodies, and to draw them. … Yet I realized that this was a tremendous lie. … In fact there were many female artists who drew women. I am, now, drawing women. 

*Eiko Fujikawa retrospective catalogue, 1985, edited and published by Kagawa Prefecture Cultural Center, p.85



99.6 x 72.8 ㎝

Oil on canvas

Takamatsu Art Museum Collection 


Photo by Manika Nagare