Manika Nagare

佐々木香巌「女性像」/Portrait of a Woman by Sasaki Kogan

佐々木香巌 [明治3年 (1870)頃 – 昭和9年 (1934)]



Sasaki Kōgen (1870-1934)
Nihonga painter. Enters the Kyoto Prefectural School of Painting (currently Kyoto City University of Arts) in 1887, and marries Yoshitomo Asajirō in 1893, upon an introduction by Tamura Sōryū. Her grandfather, Tanaka Jihei, known as Senzan, studied under Nukina Kaikoku and Yanagawa Seigan, and fraternized with the Ishin Shishi, a group of political activists of the late Edo period. Apart from this knowledge there is little known about her career, as well as the two works in the collection of the Kurashiki City Art Museum. It is a piece that evokes the ethos of daily life at the time, considering that she was a female painter from 150 years ago. The painting’s mount seems to have been manipulated posthumously, and makes one contemplate the preservation of works by unknown artists. 


1892 (明治25年) 

56.0×47.5 cm

Painting on Silk


Kurashiki City Art Museum Collection