Manika Nagare

色の跡:海見久子「変身」/Traces of Colors: Metamorphosis by Kaimi Hisako 

海見久子 [昭和6年 (1931) – 平成19年 (2007) ]




Kaimi Hisako (1931-2007)
Born in Nariwa town, Okayama. Participated in Jiyū Bijutsu exhibitions starting 1958. Participated in Art SUN exhibitions starting 1991. Art SUN was a group of 15 female artists from Okayama established in 1988, holding biennial exhibitions at the Kurashiki City Art Museum until 2018. Her practice dealt with the question of how women navigate life as an individual, and reflects her lifetime of pursuing expression in abstract painting since shortly after the end of the war.


146.0 x 96.0 cm

61 1/4” x 37 3/4”

Oil on canvas

Photo: Ken Kato