Manika Nagare

色の跡:山下 紅畝「けし」/Traces of Colors: Poppy by Yamashita Kouho

山下紅畝 [明治17年(1884) – 昭和52年(1977)]









※高松市立美術館(1949年に戦後初の公立美術館として開館)時代に収蔵された作品である。建物の老朽化もあり美術館を移転新装するに当たって定め られた収集方針は1)戦後日本の現代美術、2)20世紀以降の世界の美術(版画)、3)香川の美術(工芸)である。


Yamashita Kouho (1884-1977)

From Kagawa. During a time when the percentage of women continuing onto tertiary education is said to

be around 0.1%, she continued her studies at Tokyo Women’s Normal School (currently Ochanomizu

University) and was the first woman to study art history as visiting student of the Tokyo Imperial University.

This is said to have been such a rarity as to be reported in the newspapers. She was painting under the

tutelage of Araki Jippo, but distanced herself from painting after marriage. Her husband passed away when

she was 52, at which point she returned to her hometown of Marugame, Kagawa. She devoted herself to

painting at where she had many students.

“Poppy” is a work in the collection of the Takamatsu Art Museum, but has not been exhibited due to  changes in collection philosophy*, and I had the impression of a flower blooming when it came out of  storage. I wonder what sort of artwork she, who had such a strong desire to learn, would have made if she  was living now.


* The work entered the collection when the institution was still the Takamatsu City Museum of Art (first public museum to open after the war,  in 1949). Due to discrepancies with its renewed collection philosophy following the relocation and renewal of the museum, accounting for  the deterioration of the building amongst other factors, namely the fact that it does not belong to the following categories of 1) “Post-War  Contemporary Japanese Art”, 2) “Art in the 20th Century and Beyond in the World”, and 3) “Arts of Kagawa”.




57″x 37 3/8″

Oil on canvas

Photo: Ken Kato