Manika Nagare

In Between

  • Series

When you feel close to death, you realize that you are finite and the world looks incredibly beautiful.
A Japanese literature legend, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, who decided to commit suicide, in his manuscript “A note to send to his old friend” that nature is even more beautiful than usual at this moment of determination to end his life, and coined a term “the sight right before the death” to mean the way human see the nature in a different light at the moment of their death.
Even if your death is not imminent, you may get the same light when you face the death of a close person. Become aware of your finite life and feel even more alive.
My father was a zero fighter. If my father accomplished his mission, I would not have existed, this thought has always lingered in my mind.
A couple years ago, when I faced his death, the sunlight and plants spreading the leaves appeared in front of me as a wonderfully beautiful light that I had never seen before.
Now, the world is uniformly conscious of life. Now is the time to find the light and feel the life.